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Bible Studies and Devotions
Bible Studies

From downloadable studies, to a personalized spiritual growth experience (goTandem), to an interactive community studying & living out God's Word (Powered by 4), you'll find ways to engage God's Word throughout your day.


Browse a variety of devotions to keep you in touch with God and His Word each day.

Bible Questions

Got a question about the Bible or what God says about a subject? Find answers to commonly asked questions, or submit your own.

Bible Reading Guides

From yearly Bible reading plans to a personalized spiritual growth app. We'll help you explore God's Word on a schedule that works for you.

Bible Challenge

How much do you really know about the Bible? Take the Bible Challenge each week and learn more about the people, places, events and concepts of the Bible.

Jesus Who?

You've heard about Jesus, but do you know what a difference He could make in your life? Get to know Jesus, the only One who can change your life today...and forever.

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