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Extras: What Keeps Me from Growing

What Keeps Me from Growing is a 2-week series on overcoming the struggles that hinder spiritual growth. Download each day's study below including Dr. Kroll's Baker's Dozen of Verses to help you fight each temptation.

Listen to the entire series in our program archives.
Series Dates: August 6-17, 2012

Download Daily Studies & Baker's Dozen Verses

8-6-2012: Worry

8-7-2012: Anger

8-8-2012: Laziness

8-9-2012: Gossip

8-10-2012: Lust

8-13-2012: Discontentment

8-14-2012: Critical Attitude

8-15-2012: Selfishness

8-16-2012: Pride

8-17-2012: Overeating

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