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Build the Movement (Share P4 with others)

Want to share Powered by 4 with your friends and family? Telling them how it is changing your life might just help them get God's Word into their daily life. If you want to build the P4 Movement right where you live, check out these ideas:

  • Post a comment on the P4 Blog, and email your friends encouraging them to check out what you wrote.

  • Include a link (www.poweredby4.org) to Powered by 4 in your emails, or post one on your own website or blog.

  • Spread the word by going social! Find us on Facebook or follow P4 on Twitter.

  • Challenge your small group to read God's Word at least 4 times a week together.

Web Banners

Spread the word about Powered by 4 by posting a web banner. Got a blog, website or Facebook profile? Post a banner to link people to P4. Download a banner.





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