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Strength for the Journey Hallelujah, What a Savior

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Hallelujah, What a Savior

Week 1 of 2

Dr. John Munro takes us from the shadows of Gethsemane to the old rugged cross. As we study the humility, desolation, sorrow and suffering of our Savior, we'll also discover the unsurpassed love He has for each of us.

Monday, April 14 Your Only Son
Tuesday, April 15 Death on the Cross, Part 1
Wednesday, April 16 Death on the Cross, Part 2
Thursday, April 17 The Shadows of Gethsemane, Part 1
Friday, April 18 The Shadows of Gethsemane, Part 2

Week 2 of 2

The fact that Jesus is alive is a unique claim among world religions and central to the foundation of the Christian faith. This week, we'll look at evidence for the resurrection of Christ and see its relevant for our lives--past, present and future.

Monday, April 21 He Is Risen, Part 1
Tuesday, April 22 He Is Risen, Part 2
Wednesday, April 23 Being Born Again, Part 1
Thursday, April 24 Being Born Again, Part 2
Friday, April 25 God Gives Us the Victory

*Scripture referenced in the programs is most often quoted from the New King James Version or English Standard Version.

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