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What is P4?

Powered by 4 is a community of people reading, discussing and living out God's Word along with Back to the Bible co-host, Tami Weissert. Taking in God's Word is the power; doing it at least 4 times a week is the plan. You commit to reading the Bible at least 4 times per week, and we commit to being your accountability partner.

How it Works

Powered by 4 equips you to Receive the Word, Reflect on it and Respond to God. Everything you need is on the P4 Blog. You can even sign up for daily emails below.

Receive: The short, daily scripture readings are a great way to start or continue your Bible reading habit.

Tami's daily blog is packed with challenges, thoughts & application questions to help you think deeper about the passage.

Respond: The ultimate goal of reading God's Word is to become more like Him, putting into practice what you read. We encourage you to share your own thoughts, questions & prayer requests on the blog and join the discussion with others in the P4 community.

Join Powered by 4

Sign up to receive the daily scripture reading along with Tami's thoughts & questions. Step 1: Enter your name and email address below. Step 2: Click the confirmation link in the email you receive from Back to the Bible. And you're set! *When you sign up for P4, you'll also receive ministry updates from Back to the Bible.

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More about P4

Why read 4 times a week? According to research conducted by Back to the Bible's Center for Bible Engagement, those who engage in Bible reading four or more times per week experience life much differently than those who don't! Indeed, statistics show a much higher level of health and stability despite life's constant challenges.

What are the stats for less than 4 times?
Those who DON'T read at least 4 times a week are much more likely to:

  • engage in sex outside of marriage
  • get drunk
  • gamble
  • participate in other undesirable behaviors.

Based on the significance of these findings, we decided to create Powered by 4.


We've got answers! If you're curious about anything related to Powered by 4, it's probably covered on our FAQ page.

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