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Opportunity in China

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If you have a heart for reaching people around the globe, you can be a part of our most recent goTandem efforts in China and beyond!

Right now, we're building a team in China with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) to create excitement and recruit translation support for a Mandarin version of our goTandem mobile app.

What exactly is an app?
Essentially it's a software program (and a way to deliver information) designed for a mobile device.

Why is a goTandem app so important?
FEBC has been "on the ground" and on the front lines of sharing the God's Word in China for decades, and they've identified smartphones & mobile devices as the place to be for effective ministry today!

Therefore, with the translation of the goTandem content to Mandarin and the prevalence of the smartphone among all demographics, the doors have swung wide open to share God's Word to the huge population base in China.

We're excited to be following in the footsteps of our founder, Dr. Theodore Epp, who used the popular emerging technology of his own time--radio in the '30s-to efficiently, effectively communicate the Bible.


Hear more from Ed Cannon, President of FEBC:

How You Can Help:

$60,000 is needed to complete the Android version of our goTandem app – the key initial phase for deploying a Mandarin version to reach the people of China. Every dollar counts, so whatever the case, your contribution will help share God's Word as never before.

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