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Back to the Bible has been teaching God's Word across America and around the world since 1939. We've seen tremendous growth and change in these years, from one man with a Bible and a radio program to a world-wide ministry that uses the latest media form to deliver God's Word to hungry people each day.

Back to the Bible was founded in 1939 by Theodore Epp, a young Oklahoma preacher who came to Lincoln, Nebraska, with a vision, $65 and a Partner. His Partner was God. His vision was to proclaim the message of Christianity through a radio broadcast. That vision was realized May 1, 1939, when Back to the Bible was first heard on the airwaves.

When Theodore Epp started the ministry, his goal was to make Jesus Christ known to the world. He began by supporting missionaries, adding U.S. radio stations and using shortwave radio to broadcast in other countries.

In 1980, Warren Wiersbe joined Back to the Bible as the Assistant Bible Teacher and eventually took over as General Director in 1984. Our founder Theodore Epp died in 1985. Later Woodrow Kroll joined the ministry as the General Director and Bible Teacher in 1990, upon Warren Wiersbe's retirement. In 2013, Dr. Kroll retired after 22 years of ministry.

The ministry also founded the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) in 2003, a research and development division that seeks to answer the question: Why do so many people own Bibles but so few read them? The center goes beyond statistics to consider attitudes and behaviors that significantly impact spiritual growth and a person's relationship with God. The primary goal of the CBE is to develop tools and resources that will help people engage God's Word, the initial result of which is goTandem, a daily spiritual growth experience that utilizes the latest communications channels to directly deliver scripture to individuals multiple times throughout their day.

While history is significant in our ministry, we must push forward. At Back to the Bible we plan to continue building on the foundation of faithfulness that's been laid and move on with our eyes fixed on the future, to the glory of God.

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