What is Powered by 4?

P4 is a community of people reading, discussing and applying God's Word. Basically, the Bible meets real life.

Each day, P4 gives you a scripture passage along with a few thoughts and application questions from Tami Weissert. If you'd like, you can sign up to receive the daily email (on the blog) for a reminder to get into God's Word. The best part about P4 is the interaction, so be sure to share your thoughts/comments on the blog and check out out what others are learning.


Today's reading: Acts 11:19-30 The details about the early church are so informative. Acts is truly full of examples and lessons that we would be wise to take note of and follow as modern day Christ ...


Conflict Resolved

Today's reading: Acts 11:1-18 As I opened my Bible and began reading Acts 11, I had to smile. You see I just returned from a conference where we spent the better part of two days learning about diff ...


Pain for Good

Today's reading: Psalm 118:1-29 The opening verse of Psalm 118 issues the command to "give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!" As part of the psalmist's giving thanks, he recalls the "deeds of the ...


Praise God!

Today's reading: Psalm 117:1-2 Only two short verses in Psalm 117 with the command for ALL to praise the Lord. What's one example of how you publicly praised the Lord this past week? When you pray ...


Gospel Expansion

Today's reading: Acts 10:24-48 Prior to Peter's encounter with Cornelius, the apostles' preaching about Jesus had only been directed toward the Jews. So Peter's communicating the Gospel message to C ...


Jesus Needed

Today's reading: Acts 10:1-33 Cornelius was a "good" man--he believed in God, it was his practice to pray to God, he helped those in need. Yet even though he was "good," Cornelius was still in need ...