What is Powered by 4?

P4 is a community of people reading, discussing and applying God's Word. Basically, the Bible meets real life.

Each day, P4 gives you a scripture passage along with a few thoughts and application questions from Tami Weissert. If you'd like, you can sign up to receive the daily email (on the blog) for a reminder to get into God's Word. The best part about P4 is the interaction, so be sure to share your thoughts/comments on the blog and check out out what others are learning.

History Lesson

Today's reading: Galatians 4:21-31 As we come to the end of Galatians 4, Paul turns to Jewish history as a way to illustrate and help the church in Galatia more fully understand the change Christ's ...


Committed To Others

Today's reading: Galatians 4:8-20 One of the things I notice about Paul's letter to the Galatians is how much he loved and was concerned about these people with whom he had a special relationship an ...


Lamenting Prayers

Today's reading: Psalm 88:1-18 Life is tough, and no matter how hard we work to avoid it, difficulty and troubles will find their way into our life. When that happens, it's downright painful, and th ...


Special City

Today's reading: Psalm 87:1-7 Many things take place in and around the city of Jerusalem in the Bible. It's a special city in God's eyes, and that's precisely what is communicated through this short ...



Today's reading: Galatians 4:8-20 As we move further into Galatians, Paul continues to reach out to these relatively new believers to right their thinking and get them back on track spiritually. As ...


Redeemed and Adopted

Today's reading: Galatians 4:1-7 As we move into Galatians 4, Paul continues to pound home the message that we are no longer under the Law because of what Jesus did for us--coming to earth, living a ...