What is Powered by 4?

P4 is a community of people reading, discussing and applying God's Word. Basically, the Bible meets real life.

Each day, P4 gives you a scripture passage along with a few thoughts and application questions from Tami Weissert. If you'd like, you can sign up to receive the daily email (on the blog) for a reminder to get into God's Word. The best part about P4 is the interaction, so be sure to share your thoughts/comments on the blog and check out out what others are learning.

Inspirational Walk

Today's reading: Luke 24:13-35 Jesus meets up with two of His followers walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus after His resurrection. The men, who are sad and perplexed, are talking, trying to make sense ...


Multiple Reads

Today's reading: Luke 24:1-12 Being raised in the church, the resurrection passages in the Gospels are very familiar to me. That being the case, I have a tendency to breeze through them rather than r ...


Honest Prayers

Today's reading: Psalm 109:1-31 David does quite a bit of talking with God in Psalm 109. And once he begins talking, he truly lets go and tells God everything. It's a beautiful picture of prayer and ...


Energized for God

Today's reading: Psalm 108:1-13 As I took in the beginning verses of Psalm 108, I could almost feel the enthusiasm and energy of David as he recognizes God for who He is and praises Him. The most tel ...


Courage to Act

Today's reading: Luke 23:44-56 After Jesus draws his final breath on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea seeks out Pilate and asks for Jesus' body so he can give Jesus a proper burial. That may not seem l ...


Jesus Focus

Today's Reading: Luke 23:26-43 Today as I read this passage describing Jesus' crucifixion, I read intentionally with my focus on Jesus--His words or silence, His actions or inaction, His attitude and ...