What is Powered by 4?

P4 is a community of people reading, discussing and applying God's Word. Basically, the Bible meets real life.

Each day, P4 gives you a scripture passage along with a few thoughts and application questions from Tami Weissert. If you'd like, you can sign up to receive the daily email (on the blog) for a reminder to get into God's Word. The best part about P4 is the interaction, so be sure to share your thoughts/comments on the blog and check out out what others are learning.

Multiple Reads

Today's reading: Luke 24:1-12 Being raised in the church, the resurrection passages in the Gospels are very familiar to me. That being the case, I have a tendency to breeze through them rather than r ...


Honest Prayers

Today's reading: Psalm 109:1-31 David does quite a bit of talking with God in Psalm 109. And once he begins talking, he truly lets go and tells God everything. It's a beautiful picture of prayer and ...


Energized for God

Today's reading: Psalm 108:1-13 As I took in the beginning verses of Psalm 108, I could almost feel the enthusiasm and energy of David as he recognizes God for who He is and praises Him. The most tel ...


Courage to Act

Today's reading: Luke 23:44-56 After Jesus draws his final breath on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea seeks out Pilate and asks for Jesus' body so he can give Jesus a proper burial. That may not seem l ...


Jesus Focus

Today's Reading: Luke 23:26-43 Today as I read this passage describing Jesus' crucifixion, I read intentionally with my focus on Jesus--His words or silence, His actions or inaction, His attitude and ...



Today's Reading: Luke 23:1-25 In the eyes of the Jewish leaders, Jesus was a threat--to their power and authority, and to their status. As a result, Jesus became an enemy who absolutely needed to be ...