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Encountering Jesus

Week 1 of 4

Most of us know something about Jesus. But have you ever personally encountered Him? John Munro explores the Gospel of John and the beautiful encounters people experienced with the Savior. Their stories show that once you have a personal relationship with Christ, your life will never be the same.

Monday, July 28 The Word, Part 1
Tuesday, July 29 The Word, Part 2
Wednesday, July 30 Being Great, Part 1
Thursday, July 31 Being Great, Part 2
Friday, August 1 Looking at the Lamb, Part 1

Week 2 of 4

Jesus invites us into a great adventure of faith with the words, "come," "follow" and "see." This week we’ll see what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. It's not someone who knows about Jesus but someone who has personally encountered Jesus and experienced His life transforming power.

Monday, August 4 Looking at the Lamb, Part 2
Tuesday, August 5 Following Jesus, Part 1
Wednesday, August 6 Following Jesus, Part 2
Thursday, August 7 Transforming Shattered Dreams, Part 1
Friday, August 8 Transforming Shattered Dreams, Part 2

*Scripture referenced in the programs is most often quoted from the New King James Version or English Standard Version.

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