Topic: Wars in the Bible

Israel had victory over the Amalekites in battle as long as Moses did what?
After losing a battle against the Philistines, what happened to King Saul?
King Ahab died in battle against Syria by being what?
Sennacherib's Assyrian army was almost totally destroyed by which of the following?
The sun stood still while Joshua's army destroyed what people?
The final battle on earth will end when Satan brings Gog and Magog against Jerusalem and they are destroyed by what?
When Israel lost in battle to the Philistines, what was captured?
What Philistine champion was the army of Israel terrified of?
What army fled in the night because they heard the sound of army chariots and horses?
What army turned on itself when Gideon and 300 men blew trumpets and broke empty pitchers?