Topic: Children in the Bible

What young man was sold into slavery by his brothers?
What infant was raised by the Pharaoh's daughter?
Whose mother would bring him a new robe every year when he worked in the temple?
What was young David doing when Samuel called for him and anointed him King?
What did the young Shunammite child do when Elisha brought him back to life?
Out of fear of the birth of the Messiah, Herod had all male children age _____ and under killed.
A gentile woman from Canaan begged Jesus to heal her daughter, who ______________.
Jesus cast a demon out of a boy who had epileptic seizures and would fall into _________.
Whose daughter died while Jesus was on the way to his house to heal her?
Jesus said "whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will _______."