Topic: Godly Men in Scripture

Who refused to take the spoils of war from a king, lest the king think he, rather than God, had made him rich?
Who willingly offered his only son as a living sacrifice out of obedience to God's command?
Who confronted a king who had an affair with a married woman and had her husband killed?
Who defended the daughters of a priest whom shepherds tried to drive away from a well in the desert?
Who took care of a widow and her two sons by giving her the means to pay off her debt?
Who refused to sleep with his master's wife, with the result that he was thrown in prison?
Who returned ill-gotten gain and gave half his wealth to the poor when he met Jesus?
Who refused to worship a king, with the result that he was thrown into a den of lions?
Who preached the gospel, even when it was forbidden, with the result that he was the first Christian martyr?
Who refused to blaspheme God even when everything was taken from him, including his children, his servants and his wealth?