Topic: Man of God

A man of God prophesied against whose family because his sons lay with women who came to the tabernacle?
Who was the man of God that Saul went to visit while searching for his father's donkey's?
A man of God prophesied over an altar in Bethel and king _______ wanted to have him arrested.
How did that man of God die after leaving Bethel?
What man of God restored the widow's son by stretching himself out three times on the child?
What man of God was described as "a hairy man, who wore a leather belt around his waist"?
How did the man of God make the sunken axe head float?
Who surrounded the man of God with horses and chariots?
How many times did the man of God say king Joash should have struck the ground with arrows?
What servant of a man of God became leprous?