Topic: Little Known Facts

Jonathan had a son who was lame. What was his name?
Only two of the Israelite men who came up from Egypt actually lived to enter the promised land. Who were they?
The son of Jerubbaal killed 70 of his brothers so that he could reign over his relatives. Who was he?
This son of Gilead was born of a harlot and driven away by his brothers, but he became a judge over Israel for 6 years. What was his name?
The Book of Judges mentions only one female judge. Who was it?
King Saul consulted a medium at En Dor to conduct a seance. Whom did Saul request the medium make appear?
A well-known prophet was pulled from a dungeon pit by ropes cushioned by old clothes and rags. Who was he?
When a dead man was lowered into the tomb of this deceased prophet he was restored to life. Who was the prophet?
Of the 12 tribes of Israel, one was charged with maintaining the Tabernacle. Which tribe was it?
Many people think that Noah took only 2 of each animal on the ark. In truth, he took ___ each of every clean animal and bird onto the ark.