Finding Your Gift

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Trying to find your spiritual gifts? Listen to today's Bible Minute.

While your natural abilities and spiritual gifts are not the same, they do often complement one another. So, take a close look at what you like to do, what you're good at doing. And then look at the gifts that God gives, and that may help you determine your spiritual gift.

You can also check with a friend or a trusted colleague. For instance, go to a wise friend and say, "I think my spiritual gift is the gift of 'fill-in-the-blank.'" Then see what they say! You can benefit from the mature judgment of others. And last, but not least, try a few test runs to see if you're able to serve with a particular gift.

So, pray about it, take an inventory; talk to the right people, and act. And as always, stay planted in God's Word.

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