Friends Are Like Elevators

in Christian Living/Situational Relationships

Here's today's Bible Minute with David Chadwick.

1 Corinthians 15:33 says, "Bad company corrupts morals" what a powerful verse. Think about it the people we hang around with often times affect our morals. If they're good folks our morals become good. If they're bad folks our morals become bad. So make sure you are careful about your friends and associates today.

My daddy had a phrase, one time he used, he said, "Friends are like elevators. They'll either take you up, or take they'll you down." My daddy was a very wise man. He knew the power of friendships. So make sure your friends are encouraging, good, righteous and holy. Because the truth of the matter is bad company corrupts morals and we need to hang around people who encourage our morals to be like the Lord Jesus Christ.

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