Get the Big Picture

in Bible Study

Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute.

When you hear the term "Gospel" what do you think of? Maybe you think the "gospel" refers to anything that's absolutely and undoubtedly true, as in "that's the gospel-truth." Or if you're a Christian, maybe you just think of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

So perhaps you'll be surprised to learn that the Gospel actually starts all the way back in Genesis chapter 1--in the garden. In the beginning. It starts with why God made us. We are God's unique, special creation that He loves. We're made in His image. We can understand our sin and why it's such a problem. It puts perspective on what God did for us through Jesus giving us the big picture.

So the Gospel is more than the story of Jesus's life on earth, it's the story from the beginning, through Him, all the way to the end. That's the Gospel truth.

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