Gift of the Spirit

in Holy Spirit

Here's today's Bible Minute with a look at one of God's greatest gifts to you: The Holy Spirit!

In Romans chapter 5, Paul's describing all the good things we have when we have Christ Jesus as our Savior. And included on that list of good things--we have peace with God; we have access to God, and we have the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit to guide, to comfort, to teach us along the way.

Plus, the Holy Spirit of God is our seal of salvation. The Holy Spirit of God is our proof of salvation. The Holy Spirit of God, in you, means you have salvation. You can't claim to be saved and say, "I'm waiting for the Spirit to come to me." When you're saved, He indwells you immediately. That's the proof of your salvation. The Holy Spirit is God's gift to you, and that's good news!

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