Jesus Airplane

in Evangelism Service/Servanthood

Here's today's Bible Minute with David Chadwick.

An airplane needs two wings in order to fly. If you take one of the wings off the airplane, it simply can't fly. The same is true for those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus. There should be two wings on our "Jesus airplane" if you will.

The first one's called "proclamation." We need to tell the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ; that He has entered this world to forgive us of our sins and we're now free from guilt forever and ever.

But there's another wing and it's called "demonstration." We're to care for the needs of our neighbor, for the poor, the needy and the oppressed. When we do proclamation and demonstration, we truly make a difference in the world.

So folks, make sure you have two wings on your Christian airplane. You need them both to fly to be effective in changing this world for Jesus.

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