Lie Down

in God's Love Pain/Suffering

Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute.

In Psalm 23 King David says, "He made me lie down in green pastures." I love that phrase. God made King David lie down. You know sometimes the truth of the matter is God forces all of us to lie down.

Sometimes we're so busy doing life we fail to remember God himself, and the only way He can get His message across to us is to make us lie down. That may be a sickness, it may be an injury, it may be just fatigue. But sometimes we need to let God lay us down so we can hear His still small voice more effectively.

So if you're laying down today and God has forced you to be such, don't despair. There's good in it, listen to His voice, love Him anew and receive His goodness and life.

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