Life and Death Is in the Tongue

in Relationships Speech/Words

Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute.

Proverbs 18:21 says that life and death is in the tongue. Isn't that true? Some of you are still indelibly scarred by words spoken to you by your parents or significant others saying things like, "You'll never amount to anything." Or, "Why can't you be like blank?" And usually it's a sibling to whom you're being compared.

Let me remind you today that life and death is in the tongue and although you may have been scarred by someone who spoke negative words to you, you don't have to keep that curse from keeping on going on. Use today as an opportunity to encourage someone.

Use your tongue to give them life not death. That breaks the curse that has been given to you and gives your heart hope today. After all, life and death truly is in the tongue. Use your words today to encourage someone else.

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