The Fault Is in the Salt

in Evangelism Service/Servanthood

Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute.

In John 20:21, in one of Jesus' Resurrection appearances, he says to His disciples, "As the Father sent me into the world, so I send you into the world" (para).

Now the Resurrection means a lot of different things. First of all, it proves the deity of Jesus. It also assures us of the forgiveness of our sins. But here's another aspect of the Resurrection we need to consider today.

If we've truly received the Resurrection life of Jesus within our hearts, that means we are sent into the world. As the Father sent Him into the world, so we are sent into the world. And if you're concerned about the darkness of this world, maybe the fault is in the salt. Maybe we're not involved in the world as we should be.

So make sure that you're sent into the world. That's the proof of the Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ living deeply within your heart.

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