Bible Minute

Does the Bible have answers for you? Take a minute and find out.

Check back weekly for new insights on growing closer to God. 

Got a second? How about 60 seconds? Grab a dose of insights from God's Word with teaching on the basics of living by faith, growing closer to God and understanding what the Bible says about the real issues of life.

The Biggest Name

Genesis 11 tells us about people who decided to build a monument to themselves--the Tower of Babel.

Recipe for Your Belief

As long as you believe something, that's all that matters, right? Paul would completely disagree. Here's today's Bible Minute.

Who's in Charge?

In Genesis 3, we see the serpent lying to Adam and Eve saying, "You could be like God...."

Your Cheerleader

Have you ever felt the rush of motivation that comes from having a cheering section? Find out more on the Bible Minute.

Logic & Good News

Does it matter whether or not Jesus really rose from the dead? Here's today's Bible Minute.


What does it mean to be a citizen of Heaven while living on Earth? Find out more on today's Bible Minute.

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