New Life

  • The Ultimate Reward

    Want to know what the ultimate reward is? Listen to today's Bible Minute. Jehovah revealed Himself to Abraham as the Most High God. In Genesis 15:1, He said, "'Do not be afraid, Abram. I am... read more

  • Motivation for Service

    What motivates you to serve God? Here's today's Bible Minute. Now, rewards ought to be an important motivation for us. 1 Corinthians 9:24 says, "Do you not know that in a race, all runners... read more

  • The Judgment Seat of Christ - 1

    Judgment can be a good thing, especially when it determines your reward. Here's today's Bible Minute. Two times in the New Testament, the word bema is used with the "Judgment Seat of Christ."... read more

  • When the Work Is Done

    So, when will we get our rewards? Find out in today's Bible Minute. Now nobody crowns a champion at round two or at the halftime of a game. You are crowned after the work is done. Rewards are... read more

  • Rewards for Service

    God has a reward program for you! Listen to this Bible Minute. Salvation is a free gift. Rewards are given after salvation and they're based on what is done after we have trusted Jesus Christ... read more

  • Now What?

    OK, so you're what? With some answers, here's today's Bible Minute. So what happens after you come to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior? What is God's joy for your life then? Well... read more

  • The Bundle of the Cross

    Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute. Have you ever bought a "bundle" of products? You know: phone, TV and internet? It's a pretty good deal, especially if you want everything that's... read more

  • Give Life

    Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute. In John 10:10 Jesus said "I came to give you life and to give it to you abundantly" (para). Jesus is all about giving us life so if you want... read more

  • Give Your Life Away

    Here's today's Bible Minute with David Chadwick. God created every one of us to be funnels of His giving life through us. In other words we are called to be givers, not takers. We are never... read more