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Browse a variety of devotions, and keep in touch with God and His Word each day. You'll find classics from well-known authors and some from current and former Back to the Bible teachers


Prayer Praise and Promises

It’s known as the songbook of scripture, and it’s right in the heart of the Bible. The book of Psalms has always been a special source of inspiration, comfort and strength for believers … and it’s the go-to place for prayer. Journey through these timeless passages and strengthen your prayers and praises.



Keep moving forward—especially when life knocks you down. Step by step, choice by choice, you can experience a relationship with God that’s stronger and more real than anything you’ve known before. Move your faith forward with this fresh, practical look at scripture.


Streams in the Desert

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Early in the Morning

Discover new miracles every morning. These devotions explore wonderous events in the Bible that happened early in the morning: Joshua rose early on the day Jericho fell; King Darius rose early to see Daniel spared from lions; three faithful women rose early to visit a tomb—only to find it empty.


Daily Fuel

We all struggle with something, but that shouldn’t cause us to stall spiritually. God’s Word gives us the fuel to break through the roadblocks that affect us most: worry, finances, temptation, relationships and more. These devotions feature excerpts from our goTandem Books collection.


Morning and Evening

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Strength for the Journey

The Christian life is a journey filled with mountaintops and valleys—and the good news is, we don’t have to go it alone. God’s Word guides our steps, leading us through the ups and downs of our faith journey. Does the path ahead seem unclear? Unpack these devotions and stay on course.


Lessons on Living

The Bible is filled with heroes of the faith—ordinary and extraordinary men and women who teach us the virtues of courage, commitment, loyalty, and honor. These devotions highlight their stories. Through their stories, we see their mistakes, learn from their struggles and celebrate their amazing victories. Above all, we discover how to put our trust in God.


Joy and Strength

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