Persecuted, but Not Forsaken By Theodore Epp

1 Samuel 19:1-18

When David realized he had to flee, he naturally went to his own house. But his home was not a safe place for him.

Being human, David had his weaknesses, and one of those weaknesses showed itself in some of the women he married. It is doubtful if Michal was a true believer, and his marriage to her was a source of trouble to him.

Out of this experience he wrote Psalm 59. In it he poured out his heart for deliverance (vv. 1,2) and declared his innocence, saying, "Strong men are banding together to attack me, not for my transgression, nor for my sin, 0 Lord. Without any wrong of mine, they run and prepare themselves" (vv. 3,4, Berkeley).

He felt keenly the pressure of the lies and persecution by his enemies. This is a good psalm for us to read when we are being pressured by foes or hounded or criticized because of belonging to the Lord.

Perhaps our troubles have been financial; but whatever they are, let us learn from David how to triumph in them. He cast himself on the deliverance of God, and his Lord provided the way of escape.

"We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed" (2 Cor. 4:8,9).

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