Results of Rebellion By Theodore Epp

Judges 2:11-23

What follows when we fail to do God's will is pictured for us in Israel's experience recorded in Judges 2.

The people of Israel did what was wrong in the sight of the Lord and forsook Him who was the God of their fathers. They followed the gods of the heathen around them and thereby provoked the true God to anger.

Their spiritual condition was up and down, a condition that lasted some 400 years while God dealt with them in grace and mercy. He was longsuffering and sent them judge after judge to deliver them.

Then we have the account in Judges 2:20-23, which is the sad condition into which the people of Israel were plunged because they would not follow the Lord.

The lesson is obvious for us. If, after we know the truth of the victory provided for us in Christ Jesus (for the Lord always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus), we do not follow, then chastisement must fall.

If we do not take a definite stand against sin and the self-life, we must face the consequences. It is this rebellious attitude of mind and heart that is the root cause of much of the useless kind of Christianity we see today.

There are Christians who have a ticket to heaven but who are useless to God, failing to accomplish anything for Him.

"But if ye will not obey the voice of the Lord, but rebel against the commandment of the Lord, then shall the hand of the Lord be against you, as it was against your fathers" (1 Sam. 12:15).

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