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Latest Research News

We work with researchers at the Center for Bible Engagement (CBE) to find out how people best connect with Scripture and what difference it makes in their lives.

Jamaica Spiritual Needs.jpg

Jamaica Spiritual Needs 

 In a land where most claim Christianity as their religion, many signs suggest that this affiliation is often in name only. With support from the Jamaica Broilers Group Foundation, Center for Bible Engagement researchers conducted the first ever Spiritual Needs Assessment of Jamaica. 

Rethinking Christian Media.jpg

Rethinking Christian Media

Christian media misses most people who need evangelism. However, mature believers/potential disciple makers are the biggest group of regular consumers.


Australian Christian Media

Back to the Bible's Center for Bible Engagement, in partnership with Dunham + Company, surveyed almost 2,500 Australian teens and adults about their use of Christian media content. 

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