For over 80 years, our ministry is helping people like you move closer to Jesus today than yesterday in a way that leads to life transformation as a Biblically engaged disciple maker.

Meet the team behind Back to the Bible ministry!

      Back to the Bible Team       

Arnie Cole 

CEO, Back to the Bible & Director of Research, Center for Bible Engagement

Nicole Mierau

Chief Operations Officer

Justin Manes

Head of Product

Sean Gewecke

Vice President of Finances & CFO

Bryon Swanson

Chief Development Officer

Pam Caudill, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Center for Bible Engagement

Nat Crawford

Vice President of Biblical Content

Mark Graham

Chief Technology Officer

Karmin Powell

Project Manager & Internal Communications

Jack Burke

Senior Vice-President of Ministry Advancement

Chris Davis

Director of Digital Services

Paula Lube

Radio / Podcast Producer

Jason Nabb

Production Manager

Yulia Case

Director of Product Marketing

John Comstock

Ministry Development

Christian Tinsley

Data Analyst

Mike Ross

Senior Writer

Ben Zuehlke

goTandem Technical Support

Carol Downing

Staff Accountant

Mark Geist

Ministry Relations Associate

Janette Johnson

Ministry Relations Associate

Asa Coppinger


       Board of Directors      

Dr. Dale Michels

Chairman of the Board

Sylvana Airan


Harold Berry


Arnold Cole


Cara Whitney


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