Pastor Nat Crawford 

Nat has a Master’s in Biblical Exposition from Moody Bible Institute and a Master’s in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He’s a graduate of Grace University, where he majored in Biblical Studies and Business Leadership. Nat’s a Certified Executive Coach from CFIL in Columbia, SC, and Certified Speaker through DCI. Nat plans on beginning doctoral studies in early 2021. Nat is currently writing a new book called, “Is Christianity for You?” Nat has served as Vice President of Biblical Content at Back to the Bible and served as a preaching pastor for five years at First Free Church in Lincoln, NE. Nat’s married to Tiffany and has three boys: Simon, Landon, and Gracen.


Nat says, “My passion is to help people know what they believe and why they believe. When this happens, their love of God increases and their passion for following Jesus naturally grows.”

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