Making the Most of Your Christian Life

Whether you've been a Christian for a few days, weeks, months or years, there is always room to grow in the Spirit. This study consists of five lessons:

Getting Started - Spiritual Birth, Spiritual Food, Instruction in Righteous Living

Overcoming Temptations - Who may be tempted? How do temptations come? How can we overcome temptation?

Maintaining Fellowship Through Forgiveness - How fellowship is maintained, How fellowship is broken, How fellowship is restored

Claiming God's Resources - Basis of prayer, Prerequisites of answered prayer, Purpose of prayer, Elements of prayer

Obeying His Will - Why obey?

This Bible study provides answers by exploring the basics like:

  • quiet times
  • overcoming temptation
  • discerning God's will and more

This 20-page study features:

  • Scriptures and references
  • Questions--both multiple choice and short answer
  • Answer key

Perfect for individual and group study.

Download Bible study (20 pages)

Adapted from Foundation Studies in Christian Living by Dawson Trotman and Theodore Epp.