Understanding Your Bible

How can I be sure that I'm interpreting my Bible correctly? This guide is designed to help you understand the Bible the way that God intended you to understand it. It outlines how to interpret the Scriptures in light of context, background and much more--a must for every Christian.

These four lessons adapted from How To Understand the Bible by Woodrow Kroll, include:

  • Begin with Prayer
  • Accept the Bible as Literal
  • Accept the Bible as Progressive Revelation
  • Accept the Bible as Truthful
  • Consider the Context
  • Consider the Background
  • Let Scripture Interpret Scripture

This 18-page study features:

  • Questions
  • Answer Key
  • Examples
  • Scripture References

You can understand God better by understanding His Word better. Used in individual or group study, Understanding Your Bible, can be your key to a whole new adventure in God's Word.

Download Bible study (18 pages)