The Bible Matters: August 2018

You're on a radical mission in this restless world

You're on a radical mission in this restless world

By Arnie Cole, CEO

These are important days for people like you and me to be well-grounded in the Bible.

The battle lines are being drawn on every side. Traditional marriage vs. gay marriage. Pro-life vs. pro-choice. Personal freedom vs. political correctness. Biological sex vs. gender identity. Palliative care vs. euthanasia. And more!

Right and wrong is measured by popular opinion, not universal truth.

Do we resign ourselves to pessimism, convinced that our society has collapsed? Or do we reassure ourselves with optimism, confident we'll win the culture war?

The moment has come for Christians to rise up and deliver a Gospel message that's more radical than even the most controversial issues of our day.

The conviction and courage to do so will only come as believers move closer to God's Word. Though many believers know this is true, far too many still struggle to engage God's Word daily.

Through your support, you lead people forward in their relationship with Jesus using goTandem and other media and technology. You provide personalized content from God's Word to help Christians and seekers move closer to Christ and become disciple makers of others.

In this way, you're engaged in the Great Commission on a global scale.

Together, we're showing people everywhere--even in isolated and dangerous places--that God's Word is true, relevant, and powerful. We're empowering them to live out the Gospel and spread it to others until all have heard.

Yes, the world is changing, and the battle lines are being drawn. But in this changing world, you and I have an unchanging mission: the Great Commission. And whatever opposition may come from our increasingly anti-Christian culture, this much is true:

As believers, you and I are always on a radical, life-changing mission.

There's no Plan B. So let's continue to faithfully proclaim the Word of God and make disciples--across the street and all across this restless world--until the Great Commission is fulfilled. All for the glory of God!

Watch Cara Whitney talk about goTandem

Cara Whitney--wife of comedian Larry the Cable Guy--loves using goTandem. She shares how it's impacted her life. "It's growing my faith, and I'm walking closer to Him every day," she says. Watch the short video to hear more of Cara's story.

Start your personalized experience with the Bible today with goTandem.

Taking discipleship digital in Ecuador

Back to the Bible and you: Taking discipleship digital in Ecuador

With your help, the Back to the Bible team in Ecuador recently held a one-day conference to promote goTandem as a discipleship tool for local churches.

The conference took place in the coastal city of Guayaquil, and more than 250 people attended, including pastors, youth workers, small group leaders, and community members--even many teens.

Arnie Cole gave the presentation, and the attendees were excited to learn about the features of this powerful spiritual growth app. By the end of the conference, 38 new churches had signed up to have a custom goTandem app set up, which will reach many more people with God's Word daily!

It's only through your generous support that Back to the Bible can inform and train more churches to use goTandem to strengthen and disciple people in their congregations. Thank you for helping share God's Word through goTandem worldwide!

Meet David Vega

Share your story: Meet David Vega

David is the Manager of Development for La Biblia Dice, Back to the Bible's Spanish-speaking ministry based in Ecuador.

"Actions speak louder than words." It's a phrase common to many and tossed around through visual and aural means, yet how often do these words lose their meaning almost instantaneously as a result of inaction?

David and his wife Joy were living a comfortable life, nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador. As Joy was headed back to college for an additional degree, David found his stride in ministry. Few worries and predictable days defined their existence, yet an invitation sought to turn it all upside down.

Challenged by a local leader seeking to plant a church in one of Quito's poorest and crime-ridden neighborhoods, not a single hand or volunteer rose to the occasion one night during a gathering. And who could blame them? The allure of comfort and security are central to the human psyche.

David and Joy couldn't stop thinking about that challenge.

Within a few months, they packed up their home, put several opportunities on hold and moved to this challenging neighborhood. They've turned a basic, three-story cinderblock structure into both a church and their home, which now includes a young daughter and dog.

Their willingness to embrace the unknown has already made improvements in the lives and culture of this neighborhood, one that even the police won't visit after dark due to violence. But through incremental improvement and consistent mission, David and Joy are seeing firsthand the effects of choosing to say yes.

Words rarely change things, but actions do.

Your prayers are vital

Your prayers are vital

Your prayers are vital to help lead more people forward in their relationship with Jesus. Here are some points to guide your prayers...

  • Pray for Back to the Bible teams in Jamaica and the Philippines, as they conduct surveys on the spiritual needs of local churches.

  • Pray God will continue to use the goTandem custom discipleship app to change the lives of those who attended the evangelistic crusade in Ethiopia in July. Pray the impact of God's Word on people's lives will spread throughout Africa.

  • Pray that those who signed up to get their own goTandem custom app in Ecuador will be able to use the digital discipleship tool to more effectively disciple people in their communities. Pray their excitement to use a digital tool to reach people in a new way would be contagious.

Thank you for your faithful support of Back to the Bible. Your partnership helps make all of this possible!

Arnie Cole, CEO

From Arnie to you

Dear Friend,

You'll be interested to hear the results of a recent study into the spiritual practices of believers all over the world.

We wanted to find out what was the most powerful, transforming influence in a Christian's life. Is it Bible teaching? Worship songs? Church attendance? We offered 100 variables of spiritual practice for people to choose from.

Guess what the result was?

The one thing that made a difference in life transformation was how a person handled their Bible. And when people engaged their Bible four or more times a week, their lives looked completely different.

You may have experienced this in your own life. There's incredible power in God's Word to transform our lives, if only we'll use Scripture to renew our minds (Romans 12:2).

That's why the goTandem app is such a success. It reminds people to engage God's Word daily. It's easy, and it's relevant to their exact situation. It's a practical tool to help busy people go back to the Bible.

When they do, that's when their life begins to change!

The most important thing you can do is engage God's Word daily. And when you help others do the same, you help transform their lives too.

Your gifts and prayers help mobilize people all over the world to re-engage God's Word. And it's not just the lives of individuals that are transformed, but also families, communities, and nations.

Thank you for any gift you'd like to give today to help fulfill the Great Commission and lead more people forward in their relationship with Jesus.

I'm grateful for your partnership in this life-changing mission!

Arnie Cole