The Bible Matters: February 2018

Reaching Africa with God's Word - Entebbe, Uganda

You're reaching Africa with God's Word and leading people forward through technology

By Arnie Cole, CEO

We live in a time of rapid change. New technology seems to pop up every day, and all around the world more people are using their phone as their primary source of information. That's why Back to the Bible is so grateful for your partnership that ensures our biblical content is translated across cultures and readily accessible in this digital age.

Right now, thanks to the support of friends like you, we're moving ahead with exciting plans to accelerate and evolve the goTandem app. This is especially important in places like Africa, where the cultural landscape is quickly changing with the introduction of new technology.

In Africa, goTandem will be branded as 3D or digital daily discipleship. To spread God's Word through this new app, your support is making it possible to train over 35 influential pastors and people in the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church on how to use 3D.

Did you know the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church has 10 million members and 9,500 local churches throughout Ethiopia? Amazingly, all the pastors and leaders will be ready to use the new 3D app by March! But the vision doesn't stop there--we believe God is leading us even further.

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church youth ministry is working with all 50 universities on 118 campuses, 82 colleges, and 1,129 vocational training centers in the country to use 3D. We're projecting the number of users engaging Scripture will reach into the millions!

Ethiopia will be a showcase for this kind of work, so five countries in East Africa will have a vision-sharing seminar for the expansion of the 3D app.

The potential to lead more people forward in their relationship with Christ through the 3D app is incredible--and it's all made possible through you. God is moving in the hearts and minds of people in Africa, and He's using your support to make these opportunities to spread His Word far and wide. Thank you for your generosity and prayers to help more people use technology to engage the transforming power of God's Word!

Trench Town - Jamaica

Transforming Jamaica's Trench Town with the Gospel

One pastor brings God's peace to a troubled nation

Kingston, Jamaica, is locked in a cycle of poverty and injustice. Violent crime has so gripped Jamaica that officials recently declared a state of emergency and deployed soldiers to protect locals and tourists from the rise in gang-related murders. But one pastor, Bobby (pictured above left), sees the potential for peace in his neighbors and neighborhood.

Bobby isn't just a local partner and pastor in Kingston--he's a fervent advocate and agent of change. He's spent much of the past 15 years working in and around Trench Town (pictured above right), an area steeped in rich history, yet plagued with crime, poverty, and violent conflict.

With conviction, hope, and persistence, Bobby has forged relationships with local leaders and residents in Trench Town. His heart for his neighbors inspires those around him, helping them see the potential for transformation. Bobby organizes church gatherings and initiatives to foster a sense of community and peace--and he's making a difference every day in the place and the lives he loves most.

When you give, you help pastors like Bobby lead his congregation and others in Trench Town forward in their spiritual life, and spread the Gospel to bring hope and peace to more troubled communities.

So thank you for your ongoing partnership to transform many lives with God's love!

The Strategy of Satan

Defend yourself when Satan attacks

When it comes to spiritual warfare, believers must be prepared to fight. Learn how to defeat the devil with Warren Wiersbe's book, The Strategy of Satan. We'll send you a copy as thanks for your best gift now to help more people experience the power of God's Word...

Matthew & Tana

Matthew and Tana: Committed to helping others engage Scripture

Matthew and Tana live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area with their two boys, Gabriel and Blake. Matthew is a mortgage loan officer, and Tana teaches part-time at the boys' Christian school.

Despite the many trials their family has faced over the years--from job loss to a family health crisis--they've remained committed to helping others engage Scripture. Their support most recently helped the translation of goTandem into Amharic, the language of Ethiopia.

"We give because Back to the Bible is reaching people worldwide with the Good News of the Gospel. Translating the Bible into many languages is key!"

Thank you, Matthew and Tana--and friends like you--who generously give so many more can experience the transformational power of God's Word.

We'd love to hear how God is leading you forward in your walk with Christ through His Word. Share your story today!

Pray with us

Pray with us

Your prayers are powerful! Please join us in thanking God for these new opportunities and seeking His help as we expand our reach and engage the world with God's Word.

  • Please pray for continued training in the use of 3D (digital daily discipleship) for pastors and church leaders in North Carolina, Africa, and Jamaica.

  • Pray for the launch of goTandem 3--that more hearts and minds will be engaged and transformed by God's Truth.

  • Pray for the government of Jamaica to be open to using 3D as part of their programs to lead their nation forward to a better future.

  • Pray for churches in Jamaica as Back to the Bible works alongside pastors and ministry leaders to help bring transformation to this country.

  • Pray for the Ethiopian and Ugandan Kale Heywet Church--that their training and use of 3D is effective and reaches more people with God's Word.

Arnie Cole, CEO

From Arnie to you

Dear Friend,

It's exciting to see how your partnership is helping transform and disciple others, by making the Bible more accessible through technology.

Truly, this newsletter is just a snapshot of the impact you're having by enriching lives through God's Word!

As you've read, you're helping the African culture that's rapidly moving away from oral traditions and into the arms of this digital age. Soon, the Bible will be more available to people in Ethiopia and Uganda who long to know and be transformed by God's Word.

And because of you, goTandem will be translated and contextualized for Ethiopia and Uganda as 3D (digital daily discipleship), helping lead people forward spiritually by going back to the Bible.

In 208 countries around the world, you're ensuring the Bible is at the forefront of people's lives through mobile apps, radio broadcasts, and discipleship resources that encourage daily engagement of God's Word.

Truly, your support is what makes this kind of impact possible, so I'd love to send you a copy of Warren Wiersbe's powerful book, The Strategy of Satan. Don't forget to request your copy when you respond with your gift.

Whether it's at home or abroad, you're helping influence the world for Christ. What a privilege it is to join with like-minded Christ-followers like you to make disciples of all the nations.

Thank you for your support that's leading so many forward in their relationship with Jesus!

Ron Moore