The Bible Matters: May 2018

Let's move radically forward together

Let's move radically forward together and unleash the power of the Gospel around the world

By Arnie Cole, CEO

The Gospel has never been safe. It's extreme. And it challenges followers of Christ like you and me to live radically different lives.

That's why I'm excited to tell you about a book that's really challenging me to live out the Gospel. It's called Radical Together by David Platt, Back to the Bible's new Bible teacher. It's all about helping you and me take the next step--from being radical followers of Christ to building radical communities of faith.

And let me warn you before you read it ...

Be prepared. Radical Together may reshape your priorities. You'll find yourself diving deep into Scripture and thinking outside your church pew. Reading this book may expose some well-intentioned Christians who unknowingly prevent God's people from accomplishing His purpose. But I know it will motivate you to be even more Gospel-focused and unleash the people of God to carry out His purpose in the world.

Now's the time to move radically forward together--because all around the world, more people are drawing closer to Jesus than ever before. Thanks to the support of friends like you, more people are engaging God's Word every day. I'm grateful for your partnership that's making an eternal difference!

Yet our mission is not complete. We must continue to proclaim the Word to the world until every person hears. This radical calling requires a radical faith to lead people forward in their relationship with Jesus.

That's why we want to send you a copy of David Platt's Radical Together, as a thank-you for any gift you feel called to give today to help more people know and grow closer to Christ.

Together, we can put our faith into action and lead more believers to join us in the Great Commission--so more people may come to know Him personally! Thank you for your generous prayers and support that reach the ends of the earth with His Word and unleash the power of the Gospel to change more lives.

Meet David Platt

Let's welcome David Platt, Back to the Bible's new Bible teacher

We're excited to welcome David Platt as Back to the Bible's new Bible teacher. David is the pastor-teacher at McLean Bible Church outside Washington, D.C., and president of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

He also founded the resource ministry called Radical to inspire Christians to be radical in faith, radical in obedience, and radical in carrying out the Great Commission.

David and his wife Heather have four children, and in his book, Radical Together, he shares their family's commitment to leading more people forward spiritually:

"Years ago Heather and I decided to begin praying a specific prayer together. We said to God, 'Wherever you want us to go, whatever you want us to do, however you want us to live, we give our lives and our family for you to spend in making your gospel and your glory known to the ends of the earth, particularly among those who have never heard the gospel.'"

Through your support and David's leadership, our goal is to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, so people who've never heard it can hear the Good News!

Taking the Gospel to the most dangerous places

Back to the Bible and you: Taking the Gospel to the most dangerous places

Your support helps Back to the Bible reach past dangerous borders into high-risk countries with the Gospel. One Back to the Bible team member shared an important update that highlights the Kingdom impact you're having through your generosity.

This testimony contains very sensitive information, so we ask that you not share this information publicly--to protect the team. He writes:

"I partnered with a major missions organization who has extensive reach into Iran. We deploy teams in neighboring countries that distribute Bibles and other Christian content. We've seen about 360,000 copies go out.

"When a Persian gets a Bible, they read it. It doesn't sit in the desk drawer. We are also engaging people in spiritual conversations in a rented venue. Thousands of them come, and many have found Christ.

"The impact has been felt so strongly inside the country that the officials are producing brochures advertising against us. This is helpful to us!"

He adds that lives are being transformed, churches are being planted, and the Bible is reaching those who were once considered unreachable.

So thank you for helping people in high-risk countries like Iran find hope through God's Word!

Radical Together

Be inspired to make an even greater impact for God's glory

Radical transformations happen when followers of Christ band together around a Gospel-centered vision. Discover how to fuel radical obedience and unleash your community of faith for God's glory, with David Platt's book, Radical Together. Request your copy today when you give to lead more people forward in their relationship with Christ!

Meet Matt

Share your story: Matt gets back to the Bible--and finds a deeper purpose

Matt is a nurse in a small Midwestern town. He recently shared with us his struggle to find time to meet with God daily. Here's his story:

"I have been a nurse for almost four years. My career has required me to work very awkward hours--up to 16-hour shifts. I have always struggled to find a 'quiet time' to spend with God.

"I shared this struggle with a friend, and he recommended Back to the Bible. I took his suggestion seriously, but the pace of life caught up to me. Finally, I decided I needed to try your email list.

"Now I read the emails you send before I start my caseload for the day. It is a great way for me to keep a proper perspective on life, and it gives me the regular reminder that my work is work for His Kingdom."

Through Back to the Bible's devotional emails and apps, many are finding the help they need to connect with God every day. Thank you for helping many like Matt find the perspective they need to start the day off right! Share your story today!

Your prayers are powerful

Your prayers are powerful

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. (1 John 5:14 ESV)

Thank you for lifting up these prayer requests for our mission to reach the nations for Christ:

  • Please pray as the Amharic-translated goTandem app launches in Ethiopia--to reach 10,000 churches and 11,000,000 people--that many are transformed by God's Word.

  • Pray that God uses the soon-to-be-released goTandem 3 app to draw people closer to Him.

  • As the Back to the Bible radio program relaunches with David Platt, pray for God's wisdom as David partners with you to lead more people forward by sparking a radical faith in Christ.

  • Pray as Back to the Bible takes Christ-centered training and resources to strengthen pastors in countries plagued with violence and hostility toward the Gospel, places that desperately need God's Word.

Arnie Cole, CEO

From Arnie to you

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to be radical together?

Imagine what would happen to our churches, our communities, and our world if believers like you and me committed ourselves wholly to the teachings of Christ.

That's the vision David Platt brings through his book, Radical Together. It speaks to the very heart of what you're doing through your partnership--helping lead people forward by getting back to the Bible.

You've just read about the unreachable in nations like Iran being reached in miraculous ways, and people like Matt growing closer to Jesus by connecting with Him on a daily basis.

And you'll notice that between the lines of each story is the mission God has written on all our hearts: the urgent need to proclaim His Word worldwide and make disciples for Christ.

You are where you are for a reason!

That's why I'd like to send you a copy of David Platt's inspiring book, Radical Together, as my thanks for your gift today. I know this book will help you grow as a passionate disciple in the community where God has placed you. So be sure to request your copy when you give today.

And thank you again for helping lead people closer to Jesus through your support and prayers. Together, we're accomplishing radical things for His Kingdom by sharing His Word--the most powerful and transformative Book our world has ever known!

Arnie Cole