The Bible Matters: October

You play a leading role in this critical mission

You play a leading role in this critical mission

By Arnie Cole, CEO

Christ has called you and me, as part of His Church, to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19 ESV). But how exactly can you and I be faithful to this mission?

Does it mean going overseas to reach the unreached--or are you in the center of His will right where you are?

You'll find some great answers in a new book called Mission Precision by David Platt, Bible teacher for Back to the Bible. In it, you'll find eight defining truths that all disciples need to know--like what it really means to bring the Gospel to unreached people and places, make disciples, and more.

One of the things David focuses on is God's calling for your life. Let me share this excerpt with you ...

"All work is significant when it is done to the glory of God.... There is no fool-proof method to figuring out your vocation, but when you are surrendered to God, there are some questions that can get you started in the right direction:

  • Desires: Do I have the desire to do this?

  • Gifts: Is this a good stewardship of the gifts God has given me?

  • Abilities: Do I have the education, training, and expertise to carry out this job?

  • Opportunities: Has the Lord opened up the opportunity for me to serve in this role?

If you are surrendered to the Lord, abiding in His Word, and resting in the Gospel as your only hope, then you don't have to be anxious about missing God's will for you."

So be encouraged--you're playing an essential leading role in fulfilling the Great Commission by raising a passionate voice for Christ wherever He's placed you. As 1 Corinthians 12:18 says, "God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be" (NIV).

You're also helping take the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth--including places where others aren't willing to go--through your partnership with Back to the Bible. So thank you for your generosity and prayers ... and know you're making a world-sized impact!

You're helping millions draw closer to Jesus in Latin America and beyond

You're helping millions draw closer to Jesus in Latin America and beyond

La Biblia Dice--which means "the Bible says"--is Back to the Bible'spartner ministry in Ecuador working to reach millions for Christ.

With your help, David Platt's Bible teaching is broadcast in Spanish to more than 26 million people in Latin America and North America. And thanks to generous friends like you, goTandem is spreading to more people in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Honduras, and El Salvador.

In Latin American countries, it's common for people to experience the Bible only through a priest at a church. But you're leading people closer to Christ by bringing radio broadcasts and goTandem to help people engage the Bible daily for themselves.

The La Biblia Dice team in Ecuador requests your prayers for the following ...

  • Their Internet connection is slow and their equipment is outdated, making new software incompatible. Pray for a resolution to these technical problems.

  • Pray for the funds to host a digital and media conference to equip more churches with goTandem and other tools to maximize their ministries.

Through your generosity and prayers, an increasing number of people in Latin America are coming to know Jesus, and they are moving forward in their relationship with Him. Thank you.

Meet Washington

Breaking free from sexual addiction: goTandem brings light into dark places

Sexual addiction destroys lives and shatters dreams--and it knows no cultural or geographical boundaries.

In Ecuador, Washington (pictured above) serves as director of a biblically-based rehab center that focuses on helping people break free from sexual addictions.

Washington says: "We use an online course for 60 days [during] which there is an accompaniment with a mentor always. We base the whole course on the Bible."

The online course uses goTandem to promote personal spiritual growth, and it's leading people to freedom in Christ!

"Now with smartphones it is very easy to get a message from the app [saying], 'Do not forget to do your devotional,'" he says. "This app has been very helpful because it is helping reach more people for God to bless them."

Thank you for your partnership in spreading the Gospel worldwide through goTandem. God is doing great things through you.

Meet Pablo

Pablo's Story: He dreams big and trusts God despite adversity

Meet Pablo. He's funny, energetic, spontaneous--and always ready with a laugh, a joke, or a warm smile. But below the surface, you'll find a man passionately committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus to his people in Latin America. It's something he does every day as the director of La Biblia Dice.

Back to the Bible's Latin American partner ministry is based in Quito, Ecuador. With your help, it's reaching millions of people every day by radio and responding to new opportunities to reach even more people through goTandem.

But don't think for a second that progress comes without adversity. Pablo faced intense opposition and violence for many years. But he continues to dream big and trust God with the results.

Watch Pablo's riveting story and be inspired by his unwavering hope amidst fierce adversity.

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Your prayers are vital

Pray with us

We're in the process of forming some exciting relationships that will accelerate usership of the goTandem app and take Back to the Bible's ministry into restricted places we might not be able to go on our own.

  • Please pray as we seek God's direction to develop partnerships with key global operations in expanding our mission work together. We're in the process of forming some exciting relationships that will accelerate usership of the goTandem app and take Back to the Bible's ministry into restricted places we might not be able to go on our own.

  • Pray as we continue to develop the goTandem app in Portuguese, Nepali, Somali, and other key languages. Pray the translations will be done quickly and accurately.

  • Ask God to use David Platt's teaching to motivate people to live out their faith and help lead others to spiritual maturity.

Arnie Cole, CEO

From Arnie to you

Dear Friend,

I hope you'll be encouraged by how God is using your support to lead people forward in their relationship with Jesus!

It's incredible that you're helping millions in Latin America listen to Back to the Bible's radio broadcasts through our partner in Ecuador. And new people in many new locations are engaging God's Word daily through goTandem.

What's especially exciting is that goTandem is helping believers overcome pornography addictions and sexual sin--not just in Ecuador, but all over the world. I believe we'll hear many more reports like this as goTandem spreads to more countries.

All of this is possible because of your gifts and prayers ... and I'm so grateful.

You're helping harness the power of media and technology to advance the cause of Christ. It's a powerful way to evangelize multitudes of people and lead them forward with quality daily discipleship.

Your ongoing support is essential to continue this exciting global outreach. And to thank you for your generous gift today, I'll send you a copy of David Platt's excellent new book, Mission Precision, to encourage you.

Together, we're making a global impact with the Gospel and leading people to Jesus who may not have heard of Him.

I'm grateful to be on this mission with you!

Arnie Cole