The Bible Matters: Fall 2018

You're on a radical mission in this restless world

Who are you leading forward?

By Arnie Cole, CEO

You may have heard it said that the church is the only organization that exists for the sake of its nonmembers.

It's a principle grounded in Scripture--seen most clearly in Jesus' words just before He returned to His Father's side:

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19-20 ESV).

As a follower of Jesus, I know the Great Commission is my mission. The trouble is, it's all too easy to start thinking it's actually someone else's job. The pastor. The youth leader. The evangelist. The missionary.

If that sounds familiar, I know you'll be inspired and challenged by an excellent booklet called Born to Reproduce: A Passionate Call to Lead Others to Christ by Dawson Trotman--which I'd love to send as a thank-you for your gift today.

As I've reread Born to Reproduce recently, I've had to ask myself some searching questions:

Am I making disciples effectively and consistently? Who am I leading forward in their walk with Jesus Christ?

As Dawson says,

"The curse of today is that we are too busy ... doing Christian things. We have spiritual activity with little productivity."

If you want to become more effective in leading others forward in their walk with Jesus, please request your copy of Born to Reproduce when you give your gift. I know it will bring the challenge and wisdom of God's Word to bear in your life, helping you win souls for Christ and lead them forward in their walk with Him.

That's why your partnership means so much. Your commitment means the Great Commission can be fulfilled not only in your own life, but also the lives of Christ-followers around the world. Thank you for helping others become fruitful disciples by going back to the Bible!

Meet David Vega

4 steps to help you lead others closer to Christ

As a follower of Jesus, it's your calling to make disciples! Here are four steps to help you put the Great Commission into action and lead others further along in their spiritual journey:

Identify. Think of all the people God has placed in your life. Choose one person with whom you'd really love to share Christ.

Pray. Begin to intercede faithfully for this person--asking God to work in their heart.

Invest. Pursue your chosen person by showing an interest in their life and looking for ways to serve them. Invite them to your home to watch a football game or share a meal.

Speak. Look for opportunities to share your story of how God has changed your life. Share the Gospel, answer their questions, and keep praying!

There's no greater privilege than bringing someone to Christ and then leading them forward in Him! Why not get started with step 1 right now?

Taking discipleship digital in Ecuador

Back to the Bible and you: Thank you for bringing Gospel hope to Ethiopia

In July, generous friends like you helped break new ground for the Kingdom ... in Ethiopia!

Your support helped equip 1,800 pastors, as pastor and Bible teacher David Platt shared foundational principles of leadership and building biblically sound churches.

A further 12,000 people were reached through the TESFA evangelistic crusade. Tesfa means "hope" in the local language, and that's what these people encountered: the hope and truth of God's Word through inspiring messages and passionate worship.

And, thanks to friends like you, all who attended the training and crusade were offered a custom version of our goTandem app--opening the door for ongoing discipleship through digital technology!

"Now we have digital platforms and digital tools to follow up and engage with those people who came to our crusade," says Sami Usmael, who helped coordinate the events. "It will have a major impact. But it's not just about promoting the technology. It's about bringing the Good News as close as possible. It's all about the Bible. It's all about God's Word!"

Please pray God will use these pioneering events and the goTandem app to drive a new movement of spiritual growth in Ethiopia--that the nation might be transformed by the power of Christ!

Meet David Vega

Share your story: Meet Sebastin

In 2017, generous friends like you first impacted Sebastin's life through the goTandem app. He explains:

"goTandem has been helping me engage with the Scriptures.... I do know that the Spirit is working in bringing up just the right verses to my heart at the right time."

Recently, the goTandem team reached out to Sebastin again. And while he admits the hectic pace of life sometimes causes him to miss a goTandem message or two, he says, "I realize how much I have come to rely on the app to engage me with the Scriptures on a daily basis."

If you're looking to establish a better Bible-reading habit using goTandem, Sebastin shares: "What I've been trying to do is adjust the notification timings to match my availability. When I hear the notification chime, I try to get to it as soon as I can."

If goTandem is helping you establish a regular Bible-reading habit, we'd love to hear about it! Share your story today!

Your prayers are vital

Your prayers are vital

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ... And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matthew 18:19-20 ESV)

Thank you for helping fulfill the Great Commission through your prayers, as together we lead people forward in Jesus' name.

  • Lift up all those who attended the TESFA crusade in Ethiopia in July, that they will come to maturity in Christ through God's Word.

  • Pray God will continue to use the goTandem custom discipleship app to change the lives of those who attended the evangelistic crusade in Ethiopia in July. Pray the impact of God's Word on people's lives will spread throughout Africa.

  • Pray God will open doors for new partnerships to develop in countries like Nepal and Ecuador, and across the Middle East and Africa.

  • Ask God to be at work through you to lead others forward spiritually--bringing unbelievers to Christ and believers to maturity in Him.

Arnie Cole, CEO

From Arnie to you

Dear Friend,

Stop for a moment and think: Who shared the Good News with you, opening the door for you to know Christ?

I thank God for the people He used to bring me into His Kingdom. And I pray He'll use me to work the same miracle in the lives of others.

That's what the Great Commission is all about--passing on the Good News of Jesus and seeing people come to faith in Him. But it doesn't happen automatically. I need to heed His call and make sure I'm in the business of disciple-making!

This is the challenge that's hit my heart afresh as I've recently reread Dawson Trotman's powerful booklet, Born to Reproduce. With biblical clarity and heartfelt passion, Dawson calls for the kind of radical living that will lead us to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples ...

I'd love to send you a copy of Born to Reproduce as my way of thanking you for your gift today--because I'm sure it will inspire you too, helping you fulfill the Great Commission by winning souls for Jesus.

I'm so thankful you have a heart to see the Great Commission fulfilled in the lives of your fellow believers. That's why your support is so vital to help reach thousands for Christ--as you'll see in this newsletter.

Thank you for helping lead others forward by coming back to the Bible--here in the U.S., in Ethiopia, and around the world!

Arnie Cole