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2021 Message from Arnie Cole, CEO of Back to the Bible

In 2021, Back to the Bible is whole-heartedly committed to discipling people daily.
Watch our short video below on what we have set for 2021!

Your gifts will be used to continue to enhance the digital tools for individuals and to expand them for use by pastors and churches. Please also become a discipler. Begin praying today for the opportunities God has for you to show Jesus’ love to those around you. Pray too that He will give you eyes and ears to sense the opportunities as they cross your path—today.

I pray that you will see the vision of what can be done and how you are such an important part. Giving whatever you can by clicking the button below, is a declaration that today, tomorrow, next week, next month and all of 2021 will be different for the Lord.

Thank you for joining me and Back to the Bible’s committed staff.

We appreciate you so much.


Be Transformed!

~ Arnie Cole, CEO

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