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Connecting People to Jesus for Over 80 Years

Back to the Bible's passion is to use the latest technology to reach the world with the life-transforming power of God's Word.

Our Method

We partner with researchers at the Center for Bible Engagement to find out how people best connect with Scripture and what difference it makes in their day-to-day lives.

Our Work

Our research drives innovation in how we connect with God's people through radio, the internet, mobile apps and other emerging technologies.

Proven Results

We have seen measurable life transformation through engaging God's Word in people who were previously unengaged. This leads to a growing spiritual maturity evidenced by behavioral changes and a desire to introduce others to Jesus Christ.








Back to the Bible was founded by Theodore Epp in Lincoln, Nebraska.

First overseas office opens in England.

Warren Wiersbe joins as the radio Bible teacher.

Gateway to Joy, Back to the Bible's first women's program, began with Elisabeth Elliot

Dr. Woodrow Kroll joins as Bible teacher and general director.

Launch of the goTandem mobile discipleship tool.

Launch of Back to the Bible Custom Apps - offering ministries and organizations customizable spiritual growth mobile apps.

More about Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible is a worldwide Christian ministry dedicated to leading people forward spiritually.
Using media and technology, we meet people at their own spiritual level and walk with them daily into a living, growing and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping and motivating them to engage Scripture daily.

Back to the Bible seeks to honor God, value people, champion the Bible, advance ministry, and promote and practice stewardship, as we accomplish our mission and purpose.

Back to the Bible is non-denominational, which simply means we are not affiliated with or supported by any specific church or denominational group. Our financial support is supplied by God through the generous gifts of listeners and ministry friends.


Read about how we help people millions of people around the world grow closer to Jesus.


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