Give Your Life Away

in Christian Living/Situational New Life

Here's today's Bible Minute with David Chadwick.

God created every one of us to be funnels of His giving life through us. In other words we are called to be givers, not takers.

We are never more like God when we give our lives away. We're never more like God when we're giving our possessions away. We're never more like God when we give our money away.

Remember what John 3:16 says, that famous Bible verse: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to us" (para). God's love is expressed in giving. Therefore, whenever we give, we're never more like our Creator who gave us eternal life.

So today if you want to be like God, if you want to have His joy fill your heart, make sure you're giving. You're never more like God than when you're giving your life away. Because He, frankly, gave His life away through His Son our Lord Jesus.

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