Setting Things Right

in Salvation Sin/Temptation

Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute.

So if God is a loving God, and I'm a good person, why did Jesus need to die for me? Well, here's why: sin. God takes sin very seriously and it's not something you and I can just walk away from. He holds us personally accountable for how we walk before Him. That's because God desires a well-managed world in which people would treat one another well as a reflection of His image. Sin is a violation of that, and so God is in the process of setting things right.

And how does He do it? By judging people who are unfaithful; sinners, that's us! But, thankfully there's more to the story: He also sets things right through the Gospel, what Jesus Christ did on our behalf. When we recognize what God has done and accept responsibility for our sins, He very graciously gives us forgiveness. And that's why Jesus died.

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