Using It for Good

in God's Care Pain/Suffering

Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute.

If you've gone through some difficult times in your life, don't feel alone. It happens to all of us myself included. We've all had those terribly difficult days when things just don't make sense but remember Genesis 50:20. It's a wonderful verse for all of us to contemplate.

Joseph said to his brothers who had treated him wickedly "you meant it for evil but God meant it for good" (para). We can say the same thing to all evil that happens in our lives today. Even though it hurts and it's wicked God is somehow using it for good. Why? Because God is good, that's His very nature.

That's His character so therefore trust today that all things are working together for good. Why can we believe this wonderful statement? Because God Himself is good and He made the promise to us.

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