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  3. Our platform gives Churches a flexible classroom structure - AND allows any class taught live to be recorded and available for others, anytime.

  4. Our platform integrates with a dozen of  existing Livestream and other communication services, including: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, Join.Me, Vimeo, TikToK, Twitch, SurveyMonkey, and many more...

Our Mission

Back to the Bible exists to help you move closer to Jesus today than yesterday, leading to life transformation as you become a Biblically engaged disciple maker.

Get personal with God

Your personalized experience with the Bible starts with goTandem. Hear from God throughout your day with messages custom-fit to exactly where you are.

Free custom apps for your Ministry

Expand your reach and help people grow closer to Jesus on a daily basis with a custom Bible engagement ministry app.

Daily Bible Teaching
with Dr. Bryan Clark 

Pastor and Bible Teacher Bryan Clark will help you navigate your life with the wisdom and skill required to win each day spiritually!


Developing Tools and resources that lead to life transformation. Research plays a key role in our mission to help people grow spiritually.

Bible Study

We all need some expert guidance when it comes to living out God's Word. Find different ways to study the Bible and choose the most suitable for you.

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“goTandem has been helping me engage with the Scriptures. I realize how much I have come to rely on the app to engage me with the Scriptures on a daily basis.”

- Sebastin

“I read the emails you send before I start my caseload for the day. It is a great way for me to keep a proper perspective on life.”

- Matt

“I utilize the goTandem app … I love 
Back to the Bible. You help me meditate on the Bible during my day. You help me help others

- Paula

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