Closer each day

Cara Whitney--wife of Larry the Cable Guy--is busy just like everyone. But goTandem helps her find still moments with God--and meets her right where she's at.

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Get personal with God

Your personalized experience with the Bible starts with goTandem. Hear from God throughout your day with messages custom-fit to exactly where you are.

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Breaking Free

Shattered lives in Ecuador are finding a way forward through the personalized touch of goTandem. This is Washington's story.

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Stay Connected. Be Encouraged.

Social media is powerful. That's why we've incorporated it into both Back to the Bible and goTandem. Now you can stay connected with us and share the content you love most with others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our broadcasts.

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News & Updates

Stop for a moment and think: Who shared the Good News with you, opening the door for you to know Christ? Most of us have been influenced by many people--each one playing a key role in our spiritual journey. Back to the Bible is committed more than ever to making disciples who make disciples. Take a few minutes to get some inspiration on this topic, and be sure to see how your support launched a spiritual growth movement in Ethiopia. I hope you catch the excitement of what our community is doing together.

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