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Our Mission:

Back to the Bible exists to help Ministries & individuals move closer to Jesus today than yesterday, leading to life transformation as you become a Biblically engaged disciple maker.

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Get Personal with God

Your personalized experience with the Bible starts with goTandem. Hear from God throughout your day with messages custom-fit to meet you exactly where you are in your spiritual journey.

Daily Spiritual Lift Series

Join Back to the Bible CEO Dr. Arnie Cole and friends each day for 2-minute messages of encouragement that will give you a biblical lift through the challenges of your day!

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Daily Bible Teaching

Join Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford as he shares God’s Word to help you navigate life with the wisdom and skill required to win each day spiritually!

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Heritage Bible Teaching

Warren Wiersbe: As a popular author, pastor and former speaker for Back to the Bible, Dr. Warren Wiersbe shared the transforming power of God’s Word that speaks clearly to us yet today! 

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Daily Devotional

Start your day with a fresh, practical look at Scripture. This free daily devotional will keep moving you forward in faith and closer to Jesus each day.

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Weekly Prayer Group

Join us every Wednesday as we offer a prayer for God’s blessing and guidance and enter the new day He has so graciously provided.

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Group Bible Study Plans

With hundreds of plans to choose from, Back to the Bible and our partners offer you a wide variety of study and enrichment tools. From yearlong Bible reading plans, to books of the Bible studies, topical studies, and devotionals, you’re sure to find a plan that’s perfect for you! 

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Bible Challenge Quizzes

How much do you really know about the Bible? Take the Bible Challenge quizzes and learn more about the people, places, events and concepts of the Bible.

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Center for Bible Engagement

Christian Research Makes a Difference for YOU!

With your spiritual journey as our #1 priority, we are dedicated to researching and developing tools and resources that lead to your spiritual transformation.  

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Digital Tools for Ministries

Back to the Bible provides FREE digital tools to churches and ministries!  From sermon live-streaming to online prayer groups and classroom-like settings, your church can use our tools free of charge to reach your congregants online!

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