Choosing to say yes

Meet David--director of development for Back to the Bible's Latin American team. David and his wife, Johi, moved to one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Quito, Ecuador. Through the power of relationships and help from our personalized discipleship app, goTandem, change is taking place. This is David's story.

Closer each day

Cara Whitney--wife of Larry the Cable Guy--is busy just like everyone. But goTandem helps her find still moments with God--and meets her right where she's at.

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Get personal with God

Your personalized experience with the Bible starts with goTandem. Hear from God throughout your day with messages custom-fit to exactly where you are.

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Breaking Free

Shattered lives in Ecuador are finding a way forward through the personalized touch of goTandem. This is Washington's story.

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Stay Connected. Be Encouraged.

Social media is powerful. Stay connected with us and share the content you love most with others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our broadcasts.

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News & Updates

I hope you'll catch the excitement for what God is doing through your partnership in Latin America. You're helping harness the power of media and technology to advance the cause of Christ--a powerful way to equip people with quality daily discipleship. You're helping millions in Latin America hear Back to the Bible's radio broadcasts through our partner in Ecuador. And new people are engaging God's Word daily through goTandem. Watch and read the compelling stories from our Latin American hub.

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