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"God bless each of you involved! I truly think what you all have here is completely amazing..."

"First I just want to say how much I really enjoy your site. I'm always signing up for all these different daily devotional type emails etc... and I have to say, this is the one I truly enjoy & get the most out of. I know its a lot of hard work put into keeping this up & going & I feel God wanting to assure someone today that is apart of it, that Even if you do.just a tiny part... u are a piece of something huge & amazing! And its extraordinary what lives u all are touching. So don't let satan make u feel like what u do isn't A big deal or just because u do the lowest job on the todem pole, that it isn't just as important as the person at the top because without the ones at the bottom of the todem pole doing their part... nothing would be able to succeed with any of this! God bless each of u involved I truly think what you all have here is completely amazing & you each are apart of Changing this world!" ~Amy, Forward Devotions Subscriber

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