There's Always Hope

in God's Care Hope

Here's today's Bible Minute with David Chadwick.

Some of you may feel hopeless and despairing today, but let me give you a phrase my dad gave me long ago that I have carried around deeply within my heart. It's a very important phrase. He said, "Son, always remember if the sun comes up in the morning, there's always hope."

It's a great phrase I remember every day. And you know what, the sun comes up every single morning. I then, therefore, have hope. Are you feeling despairing and hopeless today? Well, remember the sun came up today. God is in control of this world. He's in control of your life and the One who oversees the rising and setting of the sun is the One who oversees all of our lives today, too.

So trust Him no matter what may be going on. There's hope as long as the sun comes up every single morning.

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