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Hope of Glory, Part 1

Incarnation: The Mystery of Christmas

Who is Jesus? It's a simple question. But the different ways people have answered that question have literally shaped the world we live in. It has a profound impact on our own life as well. As we draw near to Christmas, David Platt asks, what does is mean that Jesus is God? And why does John refer to Jesus as "the Word"? Join us as we rediscover the Christ in Christmas.

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Of All Nations, Part 2


We see all throughout Scripture God's grace poured out on mankind; grace given so that the glory of God would be known among all the nations. But what happens when we accept the grace and forget the glory?...

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The Back to the Bible Radio Broadcast

We all need some expert guidance when it comes to living out God's Word. That's where our daily radio program comes in. Join us for practical, in-depth, 25-minute studies to help you take in and live out God's Word.

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