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Event Speakers

Churches, men's or women's groups, parenting seminars, radio and TV shows ... no matter the venue, we can provide speakers for a variety of family, faith and spiritual growth topics

For more information or to schedule a speaker for your next event, please complete our contact form or email


Dr. Arnie Cole

Arnie Cole (EdD, Pepperdine) is the CEO of Back to the Bible and Director of Research and Development for the Center for Bible Engagement. With his passion for research and helping others, Dr. Cole has been active most of his professional life in developing methodologies, processes and best practices to instill significant behavioral change in individuals.  He has also been a Keynote speaker at the Unconventional Business Summit, a National Faith & Business Conference.  Arnie has also published several books including Unstuck and Tempted, Tested, True. He and wife, Char, live near Lincoln, Nebraska.


  • Worry-Free Living: Beating the Fear-Worry-Stress Cycle

  • Managing the Dark Side of Me: Strategies for Defeating Temptation 

  • The Power of Bible Engagement: Latest Research Findings

  • Advice from a CEO: Leadership that Gets Results

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Dr. Pamela Caudill

With a B.A. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Services Psychology, Pam has used her research, measurement, and analytic skills to tackle a wide variety of issues from public welfare policy to family violence to spiritual growth. As Executive Director for the Center for Bible Engagement, Pam conducts studies on scripture engagement, spiritual growth and church health. She's the author of several books including Managing Your Family's High Tech Habits. Pam lives near Lincoln, Nebraska with her four children.


  • Worry-Free Living: Beating the Fear-Worry-Stress Cycle

  • The Power of Bible Engagement: Latest Research Findings

  • Helping Youth Make Faith Their Own

  • Managing Your Family's High Tech Habits 

  • Spiritual Lives of Children: Big Ideas for Ministering to Children


Nat Crawford

Nat Crawford is a speaker, leader, coach and is passionate about helping individuals live for the things that matter while encouraging organizations and teams to do what they do better than anyone else.  He earned his bachelor’s in Business Leadership & Biblical Studies from Grace University.  He received his MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University as well as an MA in Biblical Exposition from Moody Bible Institute.  He is also a certified speaker through DCI International and a certified executive leadership coach through CFIL.  In conjunction with blogging on theology, apologetics, and leadership, he currently is writing an apologetic book aimed to move skeptics to believers and is the VP of Biblical Content. 


  • Why You Can Trust the Bible

  • Defending the Resurrection

  • The Urgency of the Gospel

  • Using Doubt to Strengthen Faith

  • Creating a Culture that Thrives

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