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By Paula Lube

After noticing more and more gardens popping up in my neighborhood over the past couple of years, I spent a little time on google. Sure enough, there is a growing gardening resurgence that started during the pandemic when so many folks were looking for healthy, fulfilling ways to spend their time at home. Now, in the face of rising grocery prices, even more people are digging up all sorts of ways to cultivate, plant, and harvest.

Karmin Powell, my co-worker and one of Back to the Bible’s resident green thumbs looks at gardening as, “… a very intimate time with God. There’s a closeness I can’t put into words and an awe about all that He has done, is doing, and continues to do. It’s the most perfect time to realize how grateful I am.”

My gardening efforts don’t compare to Karmin’s, but her thoughts definitely resonate with me. It’s exciting to watch something grow and come to maturity. And here at Back to the Bible, we get to see that happen daily on a spiritual level!

Not only that, but looking back at the past year, we see how God has brought about unexpected, yet perfectly planted partnerships with individuals and organizations. We also stand amazed at the research results we’ve been able to glean and share with ministries worldwide to help them in their efforts as well.

Going forward, the call to prepare spiritual fields for harvest is even more urgent! Now, when evil is regularly being branded as good and truth is traded for lies, Back to the Bible is focused on strategically cultivating new ways to plant and nurture the growth of God’s Word in people’s lives!

As a result, we will soon launch an updated version of goTandem with enhanced new features that will meet people where they are and move them forward in their relationship with Jesus. Part of that update includes a new content creator network so we can invite you and others to share your wisdom and create your own short encouraging videos to for our digital platforms! (We’ll have more on that later!) All of these efforts will inform our development of a new youth app in 2024.

So, as we wrap up the financials for this year and prepare for the next, we promise to keep you informed so you can share in the hope, the needs, and the victories along the way. As a ministry interested in cultivating new ground and planting spiritual seeds, we invite you to join us in praying for a garden of growth and a harvest of souls!

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