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Borrowing or Inheriting?

Someone has said that when your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep is your downfall. David may have had that idea in mind when he wrote this passage. He is talking about two different attitudes toward life: How much can I give? and How much can I get?

Nothing is wrong with an honest debt or a loan. In fact, the Lord Jesus, in the parable of the pounds and the parable of the talents, talks about putting money in the bank and investing money and receiving interest. These verses say, however, that the wicked go through life depending on others by borrowing from them. They borrow their joy and their strength. But believers go through life inheriting. "For those blessed by Him shall inherit the earth" (v. 22). Because we are children of God, we are in His will. He's written our names into His last will and testament. Jesus Christ died on the cross to probate His own will. Now we are living on that inheritance.

Are you going through life borrowing? Do you have to borrow happiness, wisdom and joy? Or are you going through life inheriting--drawing from that marvelous spiritual account in the Lord Jesus Christ? The wicked go through life thinking only of getting, but God's people go through life thinking of giving, of sharing with others and of showing mercy.

God has blessed us. We have inherited everything through His Son. No matter what you're facing today, don't be afraid or alarmed. He has everything you need to live a happy, holy and victorious life. Don't go through life borrowing. Draw on His inheritance.

In Christ Jesus you have everything you need. God has given you a spiritual inheritance you can draw from. You need not depend on others for your spiritual resources. Instead, confidently depend on God for your strength and resources.

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