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By Arnie Cole , CEO

God is at work! Reaping and harvesting are perfect reminders for us to stop and review what God has accomplished. God is using our partnership together and He is reaping the fruit and showering His righteousness from the work you and I have been doing so far this year.

Take a look at what people have been saying. Pray with me that app updates coming soon will do even more.

As always, our goTandem app and related platforms are based on scientific analysis of general people’s spiritual needs and learners in the community. Each person’s experience

is always rooted in Scripture first and foremost, but it is then enhanced with commentary, encouragement and prayers from pastors and fellow Christ Followers in the goTandem

community. In private, or in community as desired, each person learns not only what God teaches about a specific struggle, but also how He is working and leading someone just like them through similar needs. Beta testing will soon start rolling out to learners in the community. When their process is complete, the new app experience will roll out to everyone— and it is only possible because of God providing a harvest from what you did

through your gifts and prayers.

Ministry partners—Next month, we’ll have a follow up story on the many ways I have been able to come alongside other ministry leaders to talk about learner-centered design. The

research team and I have also been working to design and schedule impact assessments so these leaders can get a baseline of how their ministry audience is currently doing spiritually.

From that starting point of knowledge, they can implement changes in teaching and approach to address real-time needs. In the late summer, a ministry leader was sitting in the Lab here at Back to the Bible. The radiofocused ministry he leads is all about teaching God’s Word, but they miss the one-on-one knowing who people are and what they need individually.

He was like a kid in a candy store seeing in real time the types of struggles people were experiencing and changes they elected to their Scripture, teaching and coaching feeds. As you can see in this example from one of the displays—all privacy is protected and only aggregate numbers of requested changes are seen for that particular time of day.

Besides national ministries, we have been coming alongside pastors and churches. We’ll have more on that part of the story next month, too.

Kingdom Building partners—It takes many hands to bring in the harvest, or to expand the potential harvest. I am thankful to God for you and so many others. Maria took time to explain how she has been helped by Back to the Bible and why partnership in ministry

is important. Here is an excerpt.

Seeing the toll the heat and drought had taken on the growing things in our yard and community reminded me of how the Word of God keeps us alive and growing. Looking back, I can see how Back to the Bible has been so instrumental in helping me find shade and water in the various seasons of my life. Through the apps and technology, I now have instant access to Scripture with messages and prayers that enable me to keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances. –from Maria

Be sure to check out all of the great Bible teaching content at or, from your mobile device, click this link GOtandem from the App Store or Google Play and download our Daily Spiritual Fitness App.

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