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Centered on the Greatness of God - Part Two

By: Cheri Fuller

"When we are lost in the greatness of God,

we realize that there is no physical, emotional, or social loss so great that God cannot bring good out of it and compensate us in the next life."

Gary Thomas

Trust God

Anne was almost totally blind, but her spiritual eyesight blew me away. She spoke with effort but a quiet authoring, asking me all about our situation. She seemed to have an understanding of my life far beyond what I shared. After listening, she began to offer some insights: “For your children’s and your husband’s sakes, you must praise and thank God and show in your countenance your faith in Him. For she who trusts Him finds Him wholly true.

“Trust and thank God in all things,” she continued. “Praise Him even if tears are running down your cheeks.”

I nodded but grimaced inside, thinking this sounded impossible. “But how?” I asked. “I want so much to praise and thank God, and I’ve tried, but it’s so hard when I’m worried and depressed.”

“By trusting God implicitly,” she added. “You can’t depend on your feelings; they are Satan’s playground. Ask for God’s grace to praise Him and He’ll give it to you.”

A few moments later, Linda and Netta came in with our coats and began to bundle Anne up to leave for the restaurant. As painstakingly slow and difficult as it was with her diabetic condition and leg problems, Anne needed to get out once a day and walk with her walker, so back into the cold we went. Linda and I walked on each side of the elderly woman, our arms under hers.

© 2015 by Back to the Bible.

“From Replacing Worry for Wonder, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. Used by permission.”


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